Friday, May 7, 2010

Updates All Around

Baby Jason went for his 4th and 5th rounds of Chemo last week, and he went for a 6th round this week. Now that he has gone through this many rounds of therapy, they want to do an MRI to see how everything is looking. I have not gotten that update, as of yet, but I will post it as soon as possible. The doctors have said everything is going really well and that he is doing great -- all things considered. Hopefully the scans show shrinkage. Susan (Baby J’s Grandma) said to have everyone keep praying and we'll continue to hope for the best!

The Golf Tournament is only a couple weeks away. We are really looking forward to it! There has been several local businesses donate prizes and gifts to the players. It is definitely going to be a good time. I believe there is still time to sign up. Please contact Tracy at the phone number listed on the flyer below.

There have been several people wanting to get involved in some way to help out the family. I have had several people pass on this website link to their church, blog readers, family members, friends, etc. It is amazing what the power of numbers can do.

As always, you can donate by clicking the PayPal button on the right side of the page.

Thanks again!

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