Friday, April 16, 2010

PT and Round 2 of Chemo! Staying Strong!

Baby J had his first round of Physical Therapy on Monday. They want to work with him on several things, like increasing muscle strength and flexibility, especially in his neck. He goes back to Children’s hospital today for his second round of Chemo. He will be admitted for about 48 hours. Last time he only got sick once. That kind of treatment is strenuous on a baby, so keep him in your thoughts and prayer over the next couple of days. It can take a toll on the family, watching your little guy get physically sick by something like a treatment plan for getting better.

There are some measures that must be taken to keep Baby J healthy. The poor little guy has to wear a mask outside of the home/hospital. It is important that he remain in a clean environment. The picture is of him on his way to the Physical Therapy earlier this week.

Thank you everyone who has donated money! It is helping the family out immensely, and they have expressed nothing but gratitude for you all. This is going to be a long, hard road for them, especially the next year or so.

I am currently tossing around ideas for a fund raiser of some sort. If you have any friends or family members that own a business or any ideas for a cool fund raiser that we can do for the Jason and the family, please contact me at

God Bless!

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