Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Treatment Starts Soon!

Baby Jay is still doing well. He went into the hospital on Monday, April 5 to have an MRV done. This is similar to an MRI, but it’s used specifically to visualize veins. MRV stands for magnetic resonance venography. It is an MRI study of the blood vessels. MRVs are typically used to assess abnormalities in the blood vessels, but in this case, they used it to check out Jason’s port. It seems to not be working properly, and they want to address this before they move forward. He will more than likely go back in for another minor surgery to replace the port before he starts chemotherapy. It will more than likely be tomorrow or Thursday, and then they will just go ahead and stay there for several days to start the treatment. I went out to visit him 2 weekends ago. He looks so much happier at home. He was in a good mood. He has tons of loved ones around him at all times, caring for him. The next few months are sure to be difficult. Your continued prayers are much appreciated! Take care!

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